Terms of Service

Lamianotizia’s mission is to communicate with the world through the internet. It provides a pleasant social transfer experience for people around the world.

Lamianotizia stores collect and disclose your personal information while providing their services. When you use their services, you acknowledge that their privacy policy applies. If you do not need Lamianotizia to store, collect, use, or share your information in the manner described in your privacy policy, you should not use its services.

Changes to these terms

Lamianotizia reserves the right to change, change, include or expel parts of the terms, community rules, or feature phrases whenever you post modified terms, community rules, or feature terms in your languages ​​or within the services. They can provide additional notice, for example, an email. Unless otherwise indicated, the changes are applicable at the time of publication. New forms of terms, special conditions, community rules, and some other codes, strategies, or rules will be accessed at www.Lamianotizia.com or from the services. In the opportunity to opt-out of using the services after posting the changes and agree that they apply to you.

Important additional rules and conditions

In the opportunity to opt-out of using your services, you should follow the rules used Lamianotizia and all terms of the function that may apply. The added conditions apply despite these terms and are essential. It will be perfect if you read them. In the opportunity to exit from accessing services of a private institution or downloading services from another stage, you must also accept the terms of service of that external person.

Access your services

To access or play your games or create an account with us, you may need an account with a private institution, and if you move away from the use of multiple-use services, a statement with the company provides your account mobile app. You may need to update the external software each time to obtain assistance and play the Lamianotizia profils.

Changes and restrictions service

Their services are evolving and may require you to recognize service updates, as they are related to the terms and conditions, community rules, feature rules, and Lamianotizia’s privacy policy. From time to time, they may have you update the game or software to continue using their services. You can run these updates remotely, including the Lamianotizia software on your computer or mobile phone, without notifying them.

Lamianotizia reserves the right to terminate the provision or support of services or a specific set or a particular part of the services when it is permanent or incidental. Therefore, all things that are your right to use the services, or any part of them will be automatically rescinded or suspended. This is more likely to happen unless the material law requires it. Otherwise, Lamianotizia is not obligated to grant you discounts, benefits, or other rewards about discontinued service components or for predetermined items previously earned or purchased

Delete your account

You can end the use of your services every time you request to delete your account provided you follow the rules of your privacy policy. Unless the relevant law stipulates otherwise, they are not required to offer discounts, benefits, or other rewards if they leave the opportunity to request the removal of your account.