Piermont Grand CDL Executive Condominium Sumang Walk EC

Piermont Grand is a brand-new executive condominium that will be established this year, 2019. The most awaited executive condominium is based in Punggol Singapore at Sumang Walk. This project constitutes thirteen blocks where each has around 10-17 storeys. This project got seventeen bids after the establishment of the site that happened in late last year.

The winning bid for the project was 509.37 million Us Dollars. This value makes it the most expensive project yet projected for the Punggol area. The magnificent view of the Punggol area makes Piermont Grand project suitable for the residential property buyers and an excellent investment. Unlike a private condominium, buyers don’t have to first pay for the ABSD as they wait for the completion of Piermont Grand.

Piermont Grand City Developments Limited Condo Located at Sumang Walk

The success of Piermont Grand Sumang Walk is guaranteed since the development has won many BCA awards in Singapore. The strategic location has initiated developments and other desirable factors that make it’s a super valuable property. Piermont Grand is the only executive condominium for City Developments Limited (CDL) who is aiming at replenishing its land banks.

Even though Punggol might seem like a non-mature estate, there are many plans intended to develop and make it an excellent eco-green region and a digital waterfront town defined by many developments. It’s adjacent to a panoramic view of the Punggol Reservoir. There are many luxuries in the area that comprises Punggol Plaza, Waterway Point, and Seletar Mall. These malls provide buyers with extensive shopping, dining and entertainment options.

Piermont Grand Near to Punggol Digital District

Punggol ought to become the first Digital District in Singapore with a promising and positive future that is attractive to any buyer. Besides, URA believes that Punggol will integrate education and business and that it will be driven by urban innovation, social and technology. It will involve all the critical sectors that include a digital economy such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to steer and drive the Smart Nation Initiative in Singapore.

Piermont Grand Executive Condominium Punggol

Piermont Grand Executive Sumang Walk Punggol will offer outstanding facilities. First and foremost, there will be clubs, indoor gym, function room, children’s playground as well as swimming pool. The condominium also promises to fully meet the family entertainment requirements for your close friends, and family at large. You will perfectly luxuriate in a relaxed and tranquil lifestyle right in Piermont Grand.

Besides, there is excellent connectivity with easy accessibility to Sumang LRT Station. Besides the owners who operate buses, many buses are available across Punggol Way and Punggol Central. For owners traveling to the city, Piermont Grand is situated right next to TPE, Tampines Expressway.

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