Ways to Promote Your Real Estate to Young People

Millennials are one of the highest rental demographic groups, but what do they look for in a rental? Property owners and property management companies try to find keywords that resonate with this age group when preparing their real estate ads online. The latest development will be Penrose City Developments right at the heart of Sims Drive.

The average tenant changes their rental property every six or three years, according to ATTOM Data Solutions, a real estate data company.

Here are some ways of promoting your property

Choose the correct attributes when describing your property

When describing your property to potential tenants, do not overdo it with excessive preferences. Amazing, dazzling, cool and amazing words may be words that apply to your home, but these crumbling descriptions will not create an attractive personal atmosphere that you want to promote. When listing your home, announce the unique aspects of your property. If you have a warm, cozy and private backyard, don’t call it simply beautiful. Go deeper with your descriptions. If your home is located in a comfortable neighborhood, highlight the safety and cleanliness of the surroundings. If there is a wide range of recreational opportunities nearby, be sure to mention these things. Find ways to make your ad stand out so your home is not included with all the unimaginable imitation rental ads that exist.

Millennials are eager for large spaces to connect with friends, according to ATTOM Data Solutions research. This includes large living rooms, and kitchens as well as large outdoor areas. The sending of real estate data in square meters of the property, as well as details of terraces or outdoor balconies, is the key to help turn millenary homebuyers into their tenant’s website

If your property is near a large college or university, consider posting the ad in these universities. Do the same if there are corporate housing offices in your area. These universities and corporate housing offices will include your property on your list for little or no charge. Advertising incorporates homes is usually a great opportunity for most homeowners to get a good tenant. You can be sure that the tenant has a job and you can be sure that the tenant has passed and passed many screening tests that you will also use.

Millennials have shown interest in ecological properties, so promoting these characteristics may be another obstacle. This can include everything from sunbathing to the ecological materials used or if it works with a low energy heating system. The researchers point out that the use of property data to show the ecological benefits of renting different properties and possible savings for the tenant.

Renting your home will take some time and effort. If you give priority to meet the Millennials who respond to the rental list, they will be better in the long run. If you are going to allow strangers to move into your home, you need to know who Millennials are. Do not delegate this responsibility. Personally establish a relationship with the Millennium that will be the guests in your home. By allowing you to be a reasonable and pleasant owner, you will create a more comfortable relationship with the new tenants. If mutual respect develops between you and your tenants, a more respectful relationship will be created between your tenants and your property.

The DIY skills you should have as a homeowner

Many homeowners love doing homework on their own before calling. The most popular home project they would like to do alone is furniture assembly, according to a new survey of nearly 1,000 Americans conducted by the home services company HireAHelper. The owners also showed their willingness to undertake bathroom projects, such as separating the toilet, replacing the shower and covering the bathtub, according to the survey. People were more likely to say that they contacted a specialist to solve electrical issues.

Homeowners seem more intimidated by installing ceiling fans:  40% say they will do it. The youngest people were the most intimidating when addressing housing projects alone. Some said they have closed the bathroom and a quarter of them said they preferred to call a professional to take care of the task.

What other DIY skills should you have?

According to experts, knowing some ideas for DIY repairs can help homeowners make some improvements to their homes without the help of professional experts. Can having some basic skills necessary to make small repairs help you save money and also keep your home in good condition? Especially if you have just moved to one of these apartments, you want to go further to maintain your investment.

Here are some basic home improvement skills to learn:

Find a stallion
Let’s say you want to hang the shelf. Wall plate may know nail fixation. But to improve the odds when the stapler finder is lost, use deductive reasoning. Most of the buttons are placed at 16-inch intervals, so once you know where you are, you can find the rest in general.

Fix the tap leak

The taps are one of the most used materials in our homes. Therefore, you must know the correct way to replace a filtered one. You won’t want to get a plumber every time your sink is released.


Looking for termites

Termites are not hidden from the naked eye, so you should make an effort to find places to reproduce. Check if there are raised branch-shaped tubes when it detects open, yellow or creamy insects. Also, learn to verify where the bias of the lining is found with salt-sized debris and small groups of soil next to the holes.

Arowana lock handle

You don’t have to call the locksmith yet. Some WD-40 sprinkled in the keyhole may be the solution to the problem of the door lock. Otherwise, you may have a broken spring or glass.

It’s better to prevent than to cure.

You must know the basic electrical skills to avoid electrical accidents, especially if you have a child living with you. Taking simple precautions like putting on safety glasses, not overloading and stopping the crushers will take a few minutes or a few extra dollars, but these steps can save you from disasters.

Basic plumbing

According to plumbing experts, the use of chemicals alone to separate the sink is not effective. I still need to learn some mechanical cleaning. Invest in plungers and other essential plumbing fixtures.
Basic electrical skills

These are some of the basic skills you need as a homeowner. Maintaining your home should be a regular commitment.

Home Buyers To Qualify for a Mortgage

Credit standards have tolerated a constant trend in the last three months. The mortgage index increased by 2.1%, indicating a decrease in credit. Also, the commercial group says it expects the trend to continue in 2020. The expansion of credit availability will continue to support the current levels of mortgage loans, even when the refinancing activity begins to stabilize.

Credit relief is most evident for government-backed mortgages, including FHA, USDA, and rural property loans. Giant loans, which increased 2.2% to a record high, also showed flexibility standards. The Jumbo index reached a new record, as investors increased their desire to buy loans with lower credit scores and higher LTV rates.

Take the Federal Housing Administration – Federal Housing Administration as a case study.

The Federal Housing Administration – The Federal Housing Administration insures mortgages so that low-income people can qualify for housing loans. FHA insurance reduces the risk of the lender and lowers interest rates and the initial cost for homebuyers. However, there are inconveniences in this program and not for everyone.

What section 203 (b) says about mortgage insurance

The FHA is a mortgage insurance company. This program helps families buy homes by reducing costs. The program motivates lenders to grant mortgage loans to people who barely meet the subscription requirements. The FHA is known for its small payments compared to traditional loans.

Under section 203 (b), the FHA helps people buy a new or used home with up to four units inside. The only drawback is that the buyer must occupy the house personally.

Benefits of using the FHA program

FHA mortgages make it possible for some homebuyers to qualify for a conventional loan at low-interest rates, rather than highly toxic and high-priced mortgage loans. In the course of the loan, this saves thousands of dollars in interest.

The required down payment is also lower. Lenders generally request a 10% down payment, but the FHA allows you to obtain a house with some down payment of  3%. Closing costs can also be absorbed in the mortgage, which makes the purchase price of the home more affordable.


The FHA also puts a cap on mortgage rates. For example, loan issuance rates must be less than 1% of the total loan amount.

The disadvantages of the FHA

Of course, FHAs include their flaws, not for everyone. The FHA sets loan limits to continue serving low to middle-income families. When you consider these loan limit amounts, you may end up applying for a conventional or jumbo loan for the purchase of a home.

The house you buy should become your primary address. FHAs are not intended for people who purchase second homes or investment properties.

Get mortgage loans secured by the FHA.

A large and diverse group of participating lenders, almost all of them, have FHA-backed loans. As always, when looking for a loan, look around, find, and compare mortgages. The fact that a lender has FHA approval does not mean it has the lowest rates.

Online rates and conditions are easy to locate, either by browsing the websites of the lenders or by visiting the site of the mortgage broker. Collecting quotes allows you to manage interest rates and look for them without damaging your credit rating.

Mortgage Rates to Go Up This Year

A humming economy and an end to Federal Reserve interest rate increases are helping to push mortgage rates higher. With economic development in 2020, the 30-year ate mortgage, which increased by 3.73% may lead to a consistent increase this year.

With the Federal Reserve strategy on journey control and the economy continuing to develop at a consistent pace, mortgage rates have balanced out as the market looks forbearing. The danger of an economic downturn has subsided, and, combined with the steady activity market, it should prompt a somewhat higher rate environment.

Mortgage rates reached their absolute bottom of the year toward the beginning of September, hitting 3.49%; however, they’ve been crawling upward since. Regularly, while higher mortgage rates are malicious, the improved economic slant is the explanation that these higher rates have not affected mortgage demand up until now.

As the economy continues its record-long extension, the Federal Reserve cast a ballot to leave its key benchmark rate unaltered at its gathering Wednesday. Consumers purchasing a home or vehicle should continue to see lower acquiring costs subsequently. Even though the Fed’s key rate isn’t legitimately attached to mortgage rates, they do frequently influence them. Please also see the mortgage rates of your development right at the heart of the city.

Officials recommended no rate changes for 2020 and anticipated just one increase in 2021 and one of every 2022. The Fed’s interest rates stay low by historical gauges at 1.5% to 1.75% down from 5.25% before the last downturn. Encouraged officials to adjust interest rates in helping to speed or slow economy, when fundamental. With interest rates holding consistent, this is an ideal opportunity to square away obligation and boost reserve funds.

A 30-year rate mortgage was lower in 2019. It is reported that it is averaging 3.9% this week, down from 4.9% per year prior. The individuals who bought their home in the most recent year will need to consider renegotiating into a lower rate, which could spare them about $150 every month. It cut its key interest rate multiple times this year among July and late October. In any case, the economic standpoint stays healthy, and they see little motivation to continue cutting rates.

Our economic standpoint stays an ideal one. Employment and shopper spending remains strong, and downturn fears from six months back have blurred. With an active family segment and steady money related and budgetary conditions, we anticipate that moderate development should continue. Swelling is scarcely going up, notwithstanding that unemployment is at 50-year lows and expected to stay there. We have discovered that unemployment can stay at deficient levels for an extended timeframe without undesirable upward pressure on expansion.

With slow mortgage rate decays, home purchasers can increase what they pay for homes while as yet holding their installment size consistent. “Therefore, home costs are impelled higher, relieving the advantage of lower acquiring costs for some borrowers. Moreover, a rising reserve funds rate proposes that consumers could be developing all the more monetarily conservative. Looking forward, we continue to expect a relentless yet modest pace of development in home buy activity.

Consumer Home Buying Optimism Bounce Up

Do you know that the Home Index bounced in November? It fact, it was very close to a survey that was carried out in August last year. The unbiased results showed that many Americans prefer investing in homes than other common properties. It is good to keep in mind that the index was based on several surveys. The number of people who believe that it is good to purchase a home was very high when compared to the previous year.

From a clear view, there is no doubt that the prices will continue to rise in the coming years. The consumer’s shares have been growing rapidly for the last couple of years. That is the main reason why many financial experts say that indeed the mortgage rates will continue to rise. You might be wondering about the benefits of low rates in the housing sector. Low rates have been known to boost housing affordability over the years.

The index rates have increased in the time frame. What was the main factor behind this? There were numerous challenges associated with tight housing supply. This happens more so in the starter home market. The decrease in mortgage rate means that buyers will be able to increase what they pay for homes. The best thing about that is that they can do it while still making a constant payment.
If all factors remain constant, home prices will be propelled higher than never before. With that in mind, you can imagine the benefits of borrowing costs to regular home buyers. In addition, experienced real estate enthusiasts have been claiming that the rising savings could be growing more conservative. Do you follow the house buying patterns? You can agree with me that we will continue to have a constant growth in the real estate sector.

About 60% of all Americans suggest that 2019 was the best year to purchase a property. The percentage is much higher when compared to previous researches done in 2018. Do you know most people in America are not concerned about losing their jobs? This excludes self-employed workers. About 90% of all employees said that their employers value their work. Majority of these workers have been saying that their payments were raised last year.

The United States job market has been healthy since the beginning of 2018. The country experienced the lowest unemployment level in 18 years. Do you know that the United States economy has been adding jobs for 90 consecutive months? That is the main factor that has made consumer confidence very high. Numerous employers are forced to look for skilled talents. Many employees are not willing to do competitive duties across the country. The last few years have not been so good to many workers. The growth in national economy has been paired with the extremely high number of workers in part-time jobs.

I Made My Will by the Age of 30

Living in the busy streets of life is full of uncertainties about how the next day will come to be like. It is for this reason that I believe Benjamin Franklin was right when he said that only death and predetermined taxes are guaranteed in this world. Everything else around us is subject to change, a reality that pushed me in writing my will at a mere age of 30.

My decision was provoked by the fact that my work involved frequent flight travels boarding the plane at six times within a month. Whereas I am very optimistic about life, I am skeptical about traveling in the air, and I only feel safe when the plane eventually lands.

Some ugly scenarios I have witnessed are when siblings turn on each other due to interest on estates left behind by parents who did not write a will. Sometimes the will could be there, but a single item not mentioned in the will could stir things up in the house. Ironically, some people who fought for the property that did not have a will do not have their will ready to date. I want to strategize my life such that in case I pass on, my kids will be covered, and they will have a specific guardian to look after them and not settle in any home.

At my age, my assets are limited, for which reason I consider a basic will as sufficient generated through an online template. It is pretty easy to work out on a personal will if the estate owned is simple. If you won a house and a few stocks, it is advisable to keep the cost low and download the template online and probably paying a few dollars to have it notarized.  A lawyer may also contribute in cases where you may wish to set up such clarities like trust.

It is crucial to have a well-outlined list of beneficiaries and an executor who will see into it that your wish is executed to the latter. The executor could be a lawyer or a trustworthy person who can keep to the words.

It is also crucial to designate people that you do not want to be part of your share if there are any, especially if it concerns your medical care or funeral issues, and have the document signed by witnesses and placed in a safe place.

I considered putting my safe at my mum’s place, where I believe all my crucial paperwork is safe. I have attached all the details in regards to my bank accounts, my property and all the assets that I own in line with their current value. I have also included any other crucial information like contact details. In case my mom passes on before I do, I will consider another place where I will safeguard my documents.

Upon sharing my idea of writing a will with my mum, she laughed at the decision. It is worrying that my grandparents, who are still alive, have not yet written one. Whereas death is perceived as a taboo, it is a fact that we cannot shy away from. The quarrels that hit my grandmother’s household when her parents passed on, a scenario that created a lot of unnecessary tension.

Precisely, the CNN disclosure that a whopping $58 billion of unclaimed benefits and cash due to lack of supporting will information. Safe your children a lifetime hustle and write a simple will that will help them claim your fortune in the dark days.

Half of Adults Dont Have a Will

End of life planning is not fun. The topic has been viewed scaring for the last couple of years. It is not only depressing but also morose. Business experts have claimed that this topic is a critical aspect of managing assets. Do you know that it is a reliable way to protect your family? That is the main reason why 60% of Americans are unprepared for the unavoidable situation.

Previous reliable researches have proved that about 50% of American adults have estate planning documents such as will and trusts. When it comes to parents with kids below 18 years, the figure is even lower. From my observations, there is no doubt that Americans avoid setting up a will simply because they don’t want to think about their death. When you have a will, you will have taken care of your loved ones financially. They will never face emotional stress associated with being broke.

Only 53% of the survey respondents have gotten the will around. The figure is not a big surprise to experts. End life of life planning is just mere procrastination. This means that many people don’t take it seriously. You can agree with me that no one thinks they will live forever. Some of us still think that we are going to live till our 90s. In fact, that is the reason why we don’t think that we need a will right now.

It is good to know that this is not the real case. Everyone has an expiration date. Also, we are not sure exactly when it will be. With that in mind, the best thing you can do for your loved ones is to have will now. You will never regret having that will.

Many people believe that older Americans have the greatest estate plans. Most of the older generations have a will or living trust. However, the number of people with wills declines with age. What is the main problem behind this? Younger people are not concerned about their mortality.

They don’t think that a will is relevant until they are in their late 80s. From many people attestations, they don’t think that something bad will ever happen to them. In case it happens to them, their lovely parents might step in for help. In such situations, parents are termed as the greatest burden that hinders young people from thinking about the future.

You might be aware that wills are mostly associated with the passing of a grandparent. When you were 18 years, you used to think about the whole life in front of you. What would happen if you died today? Planning for a tragedy is not an admirable process. You will be required to answer some of the toughest questions when making a will. Why do younger Americans fail to write wills and trust? They have fewer assets when compared to their older counterparts.

Kampong Java Bid at Newton MRT Station

Last January, Chip Eng Seng put in a tremendous bid for the Kampong Java land parcel in Singapore. At first glance, this would seem counterintuitive. However, this land has tremendous potential, and Chip Eng Seng realizes it. This is an important step for Chip Eng Seng’s property development interests. Here are some details regarding this important acquisition.

Tender for Kampong Java Bid Closed

The first part of this process was to open up the site for tendered bids. There is no question that this 125,000 would receive a lot of interest. They not only received seven bids, but the top bid of $418.8 million came from Chip Eng Seng Corporation unit CELH Development. They beat out the second-highest bid, which was submitted by GuocoLand in the amount of $417.24 million.
This site has a lot of development potential.

One of the reasons investors were willing to pay so much money for this site is because they realize the immense potential that it is. If the property is leveled correctly, it could easily be turned into a condominium lot of over 400 units. The fact that this land parcel is in such a central location was yet another factor that put it in high demand. The Kampong Java site is quite special indeed.

Kampong Java Bid at Newton MRT Station

First of all, the Java site is the first private residential sale that was listed on the government land sale (GLS). It was put up for sale after the minimum unit guidelines were announced on October 2018. However, developers were in a cautious mood, as many government officials noted that the top bid was below their expectations. The Kampong Java site condo is called Kopar at Newton by CEL Development.

After analyzing the break-even price by this group, other property development experts estimated the break-even price would be about $1,700 psf. Thus, the selling price for the project could range from $1,900 to $2,000 psf. The fact that Chip Eng Seng was successful with their purchase of Park Colonial in July 2018 was a good sign for many investors as well.

Kampong Java Land Parcel For Sale

This Kampong Java land parcel is definitely some prime real estate, simply because it is located between the prime district 9 and the Newton MRT public transportation station. If you are employed with the Novena medical cluster, this proposed housing will definitely be great for all of your needs. CBD and Orchard Road individuals will find several benefits with this location as well. Homebuyers and investors will find this an appealing site for new housing, that is for sure.

Piermont Grand CDL Executive Condominium Sumang Walk EC

Piermont Grand is a brand-new executive condominium that will be established this year, 2019. The most awaited executive condominium is based in Punggol Singapore at Sumang Walk. This project constitutes thirteen blocks where each has around 10-17 storeys. This project got seventeen bids after the establishment of the site that happened in late last year.

The winning bid for the project was 509.37 million Us Dollars. This value makes it the most expensive project yet projected for the Punggol area. The magnificent view of the Punggol area makes Piermont Grand project suitable for the residential property buyers and an excellent investment. Unlike a private condominium, buyers don’t have to first pay for the ABSD as they wait for the completion of Piermont Grand.

Piermont Grand City Developments Limited Condo Located at Sumang Walk

The success of Piermont Grand Sumang Walk is guaranteed since the development has won many BCA awards in Singapore. The strategic location has initiated developments and other desirable factors that make it’s a super valuable property. Piermont Grand is the only executive condominium for City Developments Limited (CDL) who is aiming at replenishing its land banks.

Even though Punggol might seem like a non-mature estate, there are many plans intended to develop and make it an excellent eco-green region and a digital waterfront town defined by many developments. It’s adjacent to a panoramic view of the Punggol Reservoir. There are many luxuries in the area that comprises Punggol Plaza, Waterway Point, and Seletar Mall. These malls provide buyers with extensive shopping, dining and entertainment options.

Piermont Grand Near to Punggol Digital District

Punggol ought to become the first Digital District in Singapore with a promising and positive future that is attractive to any buyer. Besides, URA believes that Punggol will integrate education and business and that it will be driven by urban innovation, social and technology. It will involve all the critical sectors that include a digital economy such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to steer and drive the Smart Nation Initiative in Singapore.

Piermont Grand Executive Condominium Punggol

Piermont Grand Executive Sumang Walk Punggol will offer outstanding facilities. First and foremost, there will be clubs, indoor gym, function room, children’s playground as well as swimming pool. The condominium also promises to fully meet the family entertainment requirements for your close friends, and family at large. You will perfectly luxuriate in a relaxed and tranquil lifestyle right in Piermont Grand.

Besides, there is excellent connectivity with easy accessibility to Sumang LRT Station. Besides the owners who operate buses, many buses are available across Punggol Way and Punggol Central. For owners traveling to the city, Piermont Grand is situated right next to TPE, Tampines Expressway.

Riviere Great World City Near to Liang Court

Riviere is a new project developed by Frasers Property and is situated in Jiak Kim Street. Frasers Property is one of the best property developers in Singapore thus Riviere condo is definitely the best. Riviere condo is the best place anyone can choose to live in Singapore. Riviere is endowed with a lot of shopping centers where residents can gladly shop for food, clothing, groceries and household items. A large number of shopping centers gives residents a variety to choose from, and each resident can select the place that suits their needs best. Some of the shopping centers include Liang Court, Great World City, and Central Clarke Quay. Liang court has numerous world-class restaurants where residents can enjoy delicious meals.

Riviere Great World City Near to Liang Court

Riviere condo Frasers has an excellent transport network that will enable residents to access other parts of Singapore easily. The Great World City MRT Station can be conveniently accessed from Jiak Kim Street. For residents who would love to commute using buses, there are numerous buses on the Zion Road, Kim Seng Road, and the River Valley Road. Residents may also use the Central Expressway to get to the city. Social amenities such as a swimming pool, tennis court, gym, playgrounds, and a clubhouse have also been availed to make the lives of residents more comfortable.

Riviere Near to Country Clubs Frasers Property

The proximity of the Fort Canning Park to Riviere offers residents with the best place where they can engage in outdoor activities with their friends and family in a tranquil atmosphere. The green fields offer beautiful sceneries, and there are several historical artifacts which include sally port artifacts, a Christian cemetery, and Asean sculpture garden. A dance theatre and drama center are also situated in the park. There are also numerous country clubs near the condo where residents can get facilities such as ranges and golf courses. Residents also get the opportunity to mingle with other people. Some of these clubs include the American club, Marina Bay Golf Course. Singapore Town Club and Tanglin Club among others.

Riviere Jiak Kim Street Near to Primary Schools

Riviere Condo acknowledges parents with school-going children and would like to make their lives easier. Riviere is situated near the best schools in Singapore and parents are guaranteed their children will get a quality education without having to travel far. Some of the schools near Jiak Kim Street include River Valley Primary School, Outram Secondary School, ISS International School and LASALLE College of the Arts among others. Riviere condo offers the best lifestyle any person would want. Ensure you book a spot to enjoy an ideal lifestyle.