I Made My Will by the Age of 30

Living in the busy streets of life is full of uncertainties about how the next day will come to be like. It is for this reason that I believe Benjamin Franklin was right when he said that only death and predetermined taxes are guaranteed in this world. Everything else around us is subject to change, a reality that pushed me in writing my will at a mere age of 30.

My decision was provoked by the fact that my work involved frequent flight travels boarding the plane at six times within a month. Whereas I am very optimistic about life, I am skeptical about traveling in the air, and I only feel safe when the plane eventually lands.

Some ugly scenarios I have witnessed are when siblings turn on each other due to interest on estates left behind by parents who did not write a will. Sometimes the will could be there, but a single item not mentioned in the will could stir things up in the house. Ironically, some people who fought for the property that did not have a will do not have their will ready to date. I want to strategize my life such that in case I pass on, my kids will be covered, and they will have a specific guardian to look after them and not settle in any home.

At my age, my assets are limited, for which reason I consider a basic will as sufficient generated through an online template. It is pretty easy to work out on a personal will if the estate owned is simple. If you won a house and a few stocks, it is advisable to keep the cost low and download the template online and probably paying a few dollars to have it notarized.  A lawyer may also contribute in cases where you may wish to set up such clarities like trust.

It is crucial to have a well-outlined list of beneficiaries and an executor who will see into it that your wish is executed to the latter. The executor could be a lawyer or a trustworthy person who can keep to the words.

It is also crucial to designate people that you do not want to be part of your share if there are any, especially if it concerns your medical care or funeral issues, and have the document signed by witnesses and placed in a safe place.

I considered putting my safe at my mum’s place, where I believe all my crucial paperwork is safe. I have attached all the details in regards to my bank accounts, my property and all the assets that I own in line with their current value. I have also included any other crucial information like contact details. In case my mom passes on before I do, I will consider another place where I will safeguard my documents.

Upon sharing my idea of writing a will with my mum, she laughed at the decision. It is worrying that my grandparents, who are still alive, have not yet written one. Whereas death is perceived as a taboo, it is a fact that we cannot shy away from. The quarrels that hit my grandmother’s household when her parents passed on, a scenario that created a lot of unnecessary tension.

Precisely, the CNN disclosure that a whopping $58 billion of unclaimed benefits and cash due to lack of supporting will information. Safe your children a lifetime hustle and write a simple will that will help them claim your fortune in the dark days.

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